Tightening Up The Steering Mechanism

Whilst we have been working on a number of areas of our robot, we've not got a huge amount to report at the moment. 

However, one area that I've been very keen to get on top of is the steering. In our 2019 Pi Wars robot we had about 2mm of slack in the steering components and whilst this didn't cause too much of an issue, it was one of the things that I really wanted to sort out but simply ran out of time before the competition started. 

So with time on my side at the moment (I know I'm going to regret saying that), I decided to tackle this niggling issue once and for all. 

The gears that I designed and printed have almost no play in them, so the only other area it could be was in the steering arm and servo horn. 

So the solution was to add nylock nuts to the steering arm connecting rod and to replace the plastic servo horn with an aluminium one. 

The servo mount is already a great deal more rigid than the one we made previously, so that along with the upgraded steering arm has resulted in a very precise and positive steering mechanism. 

Steering Mechanism Before

Steering Mechanism After

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