2020 Pi Wars Robot Theme Reveal

We thought it was about time we revealed the theme that we've gone with for our Pi Wars 2020 robot. With the general theme being "Disasters", we've decided to adopt the theme of a zombie outbreak response team.

A team of roboteers have acquired an old van and converted it into a zombie outbreak response vehicle, equipped with all of the tools required to rid the planet of marauding zombies and to generally make the world a better place.  

The body is 3D printed in four sections and took about 32 hours to print. The original 3D model was a copy of the Tamiya RC tuck Vanessa's Lunch Box but we've made quite a lot of changes to that design, for example we've chopped a big section out of the middle to make it fit our wheelbase. Once all of the sections were printed, we bonded them together and filled the seams, before finishing with acrylic spray paint and some themed decals. 

All in all we're quite pleased with the results.

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