It's alive, again.

Today we've been cutting, splicing and soldering parts of the old wiring loom, all with the intention of powering up the robot and to get it moving again.

We're going to build a brand new wiring loom once we've got everything in place and once we've fully decided on what power distribution boards we're going to use. I'm toying with the idea of designing our own PCB and getting a small batch made up by JLC PCB, but that's not very high on the list of priorities at the moment and I doubt this is something I'll pursue much further until we know whether or not we have a place in the competition (fingers crossed we get a place from the start this time). 

Anyway, here's the proof that we managed to successfully power up the robot via our makeshift loom, it's not pretty but it's more than good enough for the time being. 

What you probably can't see in this photo is the redesigned the battery box, this was done to enable the battery to be held securely in the centre of the robot where it's much less likely to get damaged (making sure we don't break *Rule zero) and to make it quick and easy to swap out the battery should it need replacing with a fully charged one in a hurry. 

Also the housing for the Raspberry Pi has been redesigned to make it stronger and we've moved a few things around to enable the Pi to sit centrally on the top plate.


*don't be on fire :)



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