Teaching Some Spatial Awareness

Recently we've been focusing a lot on re-writing code and creating our own libraries, with the hope this will smooth out the process of writing the rest of our code. For instance, we have today been creating libraries for sensors and motor control and calling upon those libraries to have the robot navigate autonomously. 

As we are sure you'll appreciate, this process takes a lot of work before you see any results, but when the results do come, they come quite quickly (Hopefully). That's certainly been the case today. 

We've spent the past few days working on the library for the sensors and have had little to show for it in the "real world", but today this has all come together and we've managed to get the robot to be aware of it's surroundings and adjust itself accordingly. 

Below you'll find a little video of the robot being put too close to a wall and it adjusting itself away from the wall and resetting itself to point directly forward.

It's far from perfect, but we're very happy with how this part of the project is progressing.

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