New Year Update 2020

And we're back. 

Things have been hectic at Team Currington HQ but we've still managed to get quite a few things done on the robot, we've just not managed to post about it, until now. This was also compounded by the fact that I (Matt) have been kinda taking a break from social media and the like. 

Anyway, over the past few days we've been working on adapting and modifying the cannon. We've managed to mount it on top of the robot for this year, some of you may remember that we made a little trailer for it last year and towed it along when it was needed. 

For this year we are looking to refine the controls and even automate part of the aiming process. We're also looking to replace the laser pointer with one you can actually see. 

We're also looking to re-print most of it and tidy up a few things.

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