Front Sensor Mount and OpenCV

Now that we pretty much have the chassis sorted, well, the draft version of it anyway, it's time to start getting everything wired up and working. 

Pi Cam and OpenCV

The camera has been mounted for a while but not connected, so that's been sorted, as has a fresh installation of OpenCV, which I have to say was much less painful than the last time we set it up. There seemed to be an issue with the setup of the Raspberry Pi cam on our last setup and we always planned to start with a formatted SD card and fresh install of everything, so this was a good opportunity to sort that out too. I'm not sure what was wrong last time, but the Pi cam works perfectly on the new set up.

Sensor Mounting

Mounting of the front time of flight distance sensor was pretty simple, just a 3D printed bracket that mounts via the same mounting holes as the front bumper, just with a little added protection to prevent damage to the sensor in the event of a little bump. It's the sensors on the sides that needs a bit more thought, mainly as we want them low enough to get a good reading but without interfering with the steering mechanism. 

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