Final locations of the boards, Maybe

I think we're nearly there with the mounting locations for each of the boards that we plan to use, all apart from the power distribution board, which we're looking at designing ourselves and getting a company like JLCPCB to make a small batch of them, watch this space. 

But back to the boards that we have already, it's been like one of those plastic picture puzzles where you slide each tile into the empty space in order to get each tile in the correct location to reveal your pretty picture. You put this one here, no, that wont work because of this one here and so on and so on.

However, I think we've pretty much got it now and we should soon be able to make a new top plate, which will tidy things up a lot.

Oh, and we finished designing and printing the mount/case for the Raspberry Pi 3 A+. It is now well protected, as are the GPIO pins, so the risk of accidentally shorting anything out is very low.


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