Eco Disaster Automated Barrel Collector

This week we've been putting most of our focus into what we feel is the most challenging of challenges in Pi Wars 2020, the eco-disaster challenge.

A number of coloured drums are scattered inside an arena, red ones are toxic and green ones are clean. The robot has to be sort and deliver each barrel to the correct zone within the arena.

*If we take on the big one first, then the rest will be easy, right?

As mentioned in a previous post, as we're competing in the intermediate class, we don't "have" perform this one autonomously, but there are extra points to be had and we're not ones to shy away from a challenge. Maybe foolish, maybe brave, but in either case, we're going for it.

Despite quite a lot of time and effort having been invested in this one already, we're still very much at the research and development (Trial and Error?) stage and one thing we're really trying very hard to achieve is to keep it as simple as possible, the fewer moving parts and fewer electronic components "should" give for a more reliable operation, well that's the theory anyway.

There is still a lot to do and this section is far from finished, but the objective this week was for the robot to identify when a barrel was inside the jaws, pick it up, hold it and put it back down. So considering that was this week's target and we've got there, albeit in a bit of a clunky way, we're pretty pleased with the result. 

So, without further ado, here are the jaws operating totally autonomously 

*Make no mistake, we don't believe this for one second :D

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