Build, Unbuild, Rebuild, Repeat

It's been too long since our last post, work and general life stuff has been demanding the lion's share of our time. 

But we have been doing robotics in-between, just not had the time to post here, anyway, enough of the waffle. 

If you've ever built a robot for Pi Wars then I am sure you'll be familiar with this scenario. You plan, measure at least once :), build, then change plans or location of a few components and before you know it you're back to a bench full of your robot in 100's of pieces. Well, that's where we've been for the past week or so. 

But all of this Build, Unbuild, Rebuild, Repeat has still been quite productive, even though you'd be forgiven for not thinking so if you saw the current state of the robot (below).

What isn't clearly visible here is the lower plate that supports the top section of the steering gears has been redesigned to tighten up the steering even further and to enable the entire battery tray to be removed and replaced very quickly. Although this of course means a redesign of the battery tray, but it's all in hand. 

The top plate is still a prototype one, hence the lovely collection of seemingly random holes and the fact that it's not straight, but again, it's all in hand. 

We've also changed the angle of the steering arm as this seems to give a more positive and more natural movement to it all, in reality it doesn't make much of a difference but it all helps to make for a better steering operation. 


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