Body Design and Body Mounts

The three of us have spent many hours this week planing and discussing the theme for our robot, in fact we spent most of yesterday evening discussing it.

We've taken into account the disaster movie theme for PiWars 2020 and we've tried very hard to not take what we feel are the obvious choices.

If you're reading this expecting us to reveal exactly what we've decided, then I'm sorry but you're going to be disappointed, we're not revealing too many details on that yet, at least not until we know we have a confirmed place in the competition. 

What we will say is, it should be very much in keeping with the disaster movie theme and it's already been printed from a heavily modified 3D model found on

Today, in addition to printing parts for the body itself, we've been playing around with where the body mounts and how all the other elements fit around it. 

Below is a photo of the mock up body mounts, which work for now, but still need quite a bit more adjustment before we make the final versions (note the scrap piece of acrylic being used as part of the body top mount). 

In this photo it looks a lot more top heavy than it really is, most of the weight is low down, so being a little taller than our previous robots has no negative effect on the handling, in fact I believe the COG is even lower than our 2019 robot.

The plan for tomorrow is code, code and even more code. We are pretty much starting from scratch with our code for 2020, in my opinion sometimes it's better to start with a totally clean slate than to re-hash and refresh old code.

"Any code of your own that you haven't looked at for six or more months might as well have been written by someone else." — Eagleson's law

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