Barrel Lifter and OpenCV Progress

If you follow us on twitter (@teamcurrington) then you will most likely have seen the revised barrel lifter in action, we've used a combination of servos and control arms to clamp and lift a single barrel. Whilst we've not done anything ground breaking here, it seems to be working pretty well, all things considered. We have a few cosmetic things we'd like to improve on, but that can certainly wait for the time being.

In case you've not seen it already, here are the barrel jaws in action.

So, moving on from the hardware stage, it's time to get back to the software and writing some more code. We have the code for our motor and steering control, We have OpenCV setup and working just fine, we have the The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 identifying red and green barrels and identifying which one is closest. All we need to do now is make all these aspects work as one.

Fortunately we have an expert on hand to assist.

The plan for the weekend is to get the robot moving towards the locked on barrel. Wish us luck :)